Plastering & Rendering Services


IAJ specialise in interior plastering and have years of experience working on renovation and refurbishment projects restoring walls and ceilings to a smooth plastered finish so that the decorating of the home can begin.

Our skilled team of plasterers are based across Surrey and Sussexand have years of experience in plastering interior walls and ceilings as part of residential and commercial property refurbishments in properties across the counties,

Our skilled plasterers will create high quality plaster finishes using quality British Gypsum plaster. As part of covering the surfaces we will ensure that your walls and ceiling surfaces have both smooth surfaces and crisp clean lines. As plastering specialists our plasterers have the expertise to smooth or correct the contours of damaged or uneven walls and ceiling surfaces by masking any imperfections and creating an unblemished finish.

Once the plaster on your walls and ceilings is dry it will be ready to decorate. The quality of the materials we use and quality of our craftsmanship means that the surfaces should comfortably last, if undamaged, for decades.


Skimming is as it suggests, a top layer of plaster which ‘skims’ over the surfaces to create smooth, crisp edges where otherwise there might have been an uneven and unsightly surface.

Skimming walls and ceilings is not usually as big a task as plastering them, as it is a process of restoring the top surface, whereas plastering requires the building up the surface up from bare brickwork or breeze blocks. Therefore, skimming is often referred to as the ‘topcoat’ of plastering, as it is the fine layer which creates the smooth finish and crisp edges.

As it is the visible layer of the surface it does require the skills of a skilled and experienced plasterer to render the crisp, level and smooth surfaces which cover-up any minor blemishes and create the and clean lines between joins and edges.

Rendering walls/exterior plastering

Rending is the term commonly used for exterior plastering. It is in principle the same as plastering in that it is a wall covering, but with rendering, sand and cement are used instead of plaster to provide a more robust surface to withstand exposure to the elements. It also serves to add a layer of insulation and a waterproof coating.

Rendering exterior walls can totally transform the appearance of a building and its grounds. Rendered walls can often breath new life into otherwise damaged, dull or dilapidated wall surfaces and allow for different structures to be made to match.

An exterior render coating is often used to modernise, reinvent and create a new stylised look by allowing the walls to be painted to fit in with a new design scheme or to merge new and old building structures.

IAJ specialise in both traditional and new methods of plastering and rendering and are proud to offer K-Rend, Monocouche and Lime plastering solutions to suit the age and design of your property.

Planning your plastering

As with all construction and refurbishment projects, the key to minimising costs and completing on time is the planning. Our ‘professional tip’ for our clients is to have a clear plan of action considering the work of each of the trades and the installation of, or any changes to:

All pipes for sinks, showers, baths and toilets as well as appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.


Cables, lighting, fittings, switches and thermostats, plugs and sockets, phone and broadband points, TV connections /aerial points and speakers.


Pipes, radiators, heated towel rails, underfloor heating, boilers and tanks.


Ventilation and extraction panels and pipework, electrical points and fitted thermostatic controls.